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North Carolina to Open Largest Public Shooting Range

largest public shooting range
Image via North Carolina Sportsman

Shooters in North Carolina will soon have more options when the state's largest public shooting range opens on April 19.

Shooters in the Carolinas are rejoicing this month as the state plans to open its largest public shooting range on April 19, and another impressive range just weeks after. The first range to open will be the state's largest and is the Foothills Public Shooting Complex of Cleveland County. The complex will house ranges for pistols, rifles, shotguns, and will have a 3D archery range.

The range, which cost an astounding $3.5 million to build sits on 82-acres and has space for as many as 60 people to shoot simultaneously. The range will open on April 19 and beginning at noon, the complex will have different types of firearms available for the public to try out at no cost.

Starting on April 20, the complex will be open year-round for training and shooting at a price of $10 a day for adults and $5 a day for children under 17, seniors, veterans, disabled shooters, and wildlife and law enforcement officers.

In Eastern North Carolina, a second new range is set to open on the Holly Shelter Game Land in Pender County on May first. The addition of these two new shooting ranges should give Carolina shooters on both sides of the state more opportunities to take advantage.

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North Carolina to Open Largest Public Shooting Range