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Check out This Amazing Long Range Bow-Fishing Shot

long range bow-fishing shot
Image via Screenshot

This guy makes an amazing long range bow-fishing shot that you have to see to believe.

Bow fishing is most often done directly from the bank or possibly even from a boat looking straight down into the water. Even under those conditions it's actually a quite difficult task to take the reflection of the water into account and manage to put your arrow through the fish you are aiming at.

This guy has managed to tremendously by going an insane distance from the water to both watch for, and then execute perfectly a long range bow-fishing shot.

We don't know exactly how far this shot was but it's clear that it was far enough to be a shot that many archers couldn't make.

The shots may be more difficult but it may actually make it easier for the inexperienced bow-fisherman to see his targets from a higher vantage-point like the bridge these guys are fishing from.

I wonder if it's still considered fishing from a bridge if you are using a bow?

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Check out This Amazing Long Range Bow-Fishing Shot