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Demolition Ranch Challenge: Man vs. Wife... Who's the Better Shot?

In a challenge that could cause some households more harm than good, Demolition Ranch sets out to find the best shot in the house... man vs. wife. 

Quick! Think of three people you'd like to challenge to a shooting competition. Did your husband or wife make the list? If so, congratulations, but if you are like many couples, a man vs. wife shooting challenge might be too much to ask for. Whether it's because half of the couple doesn't actually shoot, or because finding out the results could be detrimental to the relationship... we'll leave that up to you.

Fortunately, there are some couples out there who do shoot together and can stand up to the challenge of a shootout with their life partner. Take a look below as Demolition Ranch has a man vs wife shootout.

The competition might not have been on exactly the same level, but when compared to the amount of experience, we'd say that it seems relatively fair. What we'd actually really like to see is Matt shooting the course with the Demolition Ranch Custom AR15 just to see how his shooting time with the same weapon compares.

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