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After Seeing This Video, You'll Wish You Were Family

If you follow Matt Carriker on Demolition Ranch, chances are he already feels like family, but after watching this video you'll wish that bond was a little more real.

If you follow any of Matt Carriker's YouTube channels, you know how much family means to him. But if you had any doubt, it should be erased after you watch and see what he's decided to do for all of them now. To celebrate Demolition Ranch's recent accomplishment of reaching three million subscribers, Carriker created custom Demolition Ranch AR15 rifles. And, if you are lucky enough to be a part of his family, then you were lucky enough to get one for free.

Doesn't that video just give you a case of the feel-goods? It's always great when you reach such a big milestone in life but when you have the ability to share a part of it with your family and loved ones, it just makes it even better. We are really glad to see this video on Demolition Ranch, and are really excited about these AR15s that will soon be finding their way onto the market.

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