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Demolition Ranch Finds out Just How Bulletproof Wood Is

how bulletproof wood is
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If you’ve ever wondered just how bulletproof wood is, wonder no more because Demolition Ranch is here to find out the answer for us.

While out on an unrelated shoot, Matt Carriker of Demolition Ranch discovered just how bulletproof wood is and decided to turn the shoot into a video to try to discover the bulletproofness of wood.

We’ll give you a hint, it takes a lot more wood than you might expect to test this theory.

Looks like all those movies where the guy is able to hide behind the door to escape a live fire situation got this detail just a little wrong.

Looks like you would need more like ten or twelve doors between you and the business end of the weapon before you actually have a chance of the door stopping it.

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Demolition Ranch Finds out Just How Bulletproof Wood Is