Nintendo 64
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What Will the Nintendo Zapper .50 Cal Desert Eagle do to a Nintendo 64?

In the old days the Nintendo Zapper worked with the Nintendo to help you down all the ducks you possibly could. Now, it's turned against the Nintendo 64.

We've already been impressed with a Nintendo Zapper Glock, now we get to see one in a .50 Cal. And what's even better is its opponent, a Nintendo 64 console, one of the consoles which eventually replaced the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While we guess technically that's kind of like battling your grandchild, we prefer to think of it more as the leader of a pack. Either way, you'll love seeing what happens when the .50 Cal Desert Eagle Nintendo Zapper takes on a Nintendo 64.

This is one video where we are definitely glad that Full Mag had super slow motion cameras. It was amazing to see just how the pieces flew apart as the .50 Caliber bullets impacted them. What would be your favorite target if you had a .50 Cal Nintendo Zapper? Or, is there another video game weapon that you'd rather see come to life?

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