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Jerry Miculek Testing the Nintendo Zapper Glock

Nintendo Zapper Glock

Jerry Miculek recently got ahold of the newly released Nintendo Zapper Glock.

In the past couple of weeks we've seen the newly released Glock 41 that has been taken by Black Sheep Arms and turned into an awesome nostalgic Nintendo Zapper Glock.

Now, being the golden personality that he is, Jerry Miculek has somehow gotten ahold of one and takes a few minutes to recreate the classic 'Duck Hunt' scenario and put the gun through its paces; take a look.

As bad as we feel for poor Yoshi, at least he got his tribute in the end. And as someone who grew up outside hunting and inside playing 'Duck Hunt' this Nintendo Zapper Glock looks like an absolutely amazing thing. Hopefully they will be able to put out a few of these for the general public to invest in.

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Jerry Miculek Testing the Nintendo Zapper Glock