Can a Drone Help You Cast Your Fishing Line? Well, Sort of ...

More and more anglers are trying out the latest toy in their fishing efforts—a drone.

Some anglers use them to sight fish. Others have used a drone to get some different lure action. The angler in this video uses his drone to help cast his line out while shore fishing.

You have to admit, it's a pretty clever setup. And simple. Attach a hook to the drone, loop the line over the hook, fly line and lure out into the surf and, finally, tilt the drone to drop the lure in the water.

You'd be able to get your line out into deeper water that way.

But ... there is a snag. Well, two.

First, he doesn't catch anything except what he calls a "weird sand creature." Second, drones are meant to fly. What happens when technical difficulties arise and the drone crashes?

Head to the 3:55 mark to find out.

The angler tries to console himself on his way home at the end of the video with the "beautiful sky" he sees. But, he didn't catch anything, and he lost he drone.

Maybe it would be easier the buy a boat.