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Now, THAT is How You Use a Drone (to Go Fishing)!

drone fishing

Drone fishing takes on a whole new meaning when you can do this!

The use of balloons as indicators might soon become outdated as drone fishing gains popularity.

Watch the motion of the lure you can manipulate with the use of a drone. Not only that, you can take your lure the distance you want. The only downside? It might take longer to reel in your catch.

Check out the awesome video:

It's amazing to watch from an aerial view the African pompano instantly attack the lure.

What's even cooler is the camera on the drone that captures the fish attacking the lure. The footage is second to none, and will likely revolutionize how we consume the sport of saltwater and freshwater fishing.

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Now, THAT is How You Use a Drone (to Go Fishing)!