Sight Fishing for Giant Black Drum With the Help of a Drone

Try fishing for giant black drum on your next fishing excursion.

Sight fishing is arguably the most exciting way to fish, however, sight fishing for giant black drum tops the list. This crystal clear water off the coast of Florida will have you packing your fishing gear and booking your next trip.

According to the fishing guide, Capt. Jamie Glasner, the smallest black drum weighed in at 30 pounds, with the largest weighing in at 70 pounds.

Capt. Glasner and BlacktipH host, Josh Jorgensen, double up a handful of times while landing several 30- and 40-pound black drum.

A major advantage the anglers have is the drone that they utilize to locate the drum. Drones have been controversial as it relates to hunting, and some states have even outlawed them. However, a drone can be a very effective tool from an aerial view used for fishing.

The lure or bait of choice?

"Jigs or soft plastics," said Capt. Glasner. The jigs used in this footage are accompanied with 60-pound leader.

The drum also enjoy crustaceans such as blue crabs, shrimp, and clams. It's just a matter of finding out what they're feeding on any given day.

Black drum can migrate long distances according to Capt. Glasner who runs Fin and Fly Charters. The Black drum, that receive their name from the drumming sound they produce, can travel in large groups such as the one shown.

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