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This Video Will Convince You to Start Fishing with Drones

fishing with drones

Fishing with drones is now a thing. There are several videos out there, but this one may be the best.

This is not the first video showing how it is possible to go fishing with drones. The Canadian YouTuber who uploaded it admitted that he was inspired by other videos he has seen.  The big difference here is that he was fishing a public water, where many of the others are in private ponds with hungry fish swimming in them.

He also manages to land a nice smallmouth bass on Lake Champlain with the help of his drone. This was not a catch of a small sunfish, it was a keeper bass.

His excitement in the video is contagious. But who could blame him? “Holy crab apples!” he screams as he begins to try to bring the leaping bass to shore. This may be a new catch phrase for anglers who watch this video.

However, we’re not sure what is more impressive, the catch or fact he was trolling a Jitterbug.  Trolling with a topwater lure and drone is just as impressive as his catch.



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This Video Will Convince You to Start Fishing with Drones