Digital license plates in California

California Rolls Out Digital License Plates

Digital license plates are now a thing in California and they're pricey.

Auto technology company Reviver Auto has unveiled its new digital license plates, the WiFi-based 4plate, as an alternative to drab metal license plates, with the ability to automatically renew vehicle registrations, broadcast public service announcements, personalization, and eliminating the need to place those annoying stickers.

It is also a digital tracking intended for fleet use, allowing bosses to track their employee's whereabouts.

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Price to Pay

Sacramento, Calif. is its first testing ground, part of a California Department of Motors Vehicles pilot program using 35 new Chevy Volt electric cars. Each cost $700 with a $7.97 per month maintenance fee, with discounted prices for city fleet vehicles. At the moment, only one dealership, Kuni Chevrolet in Los Angeles, is offering it.

"These messages can be displayed when the cars are stopped," said Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg. "The plates can be used, for example, to display Amber Alerts or indicate that a driver needs help or that a car is stolen. The plates will work very well with electric cars, and we'll be ordering more of them in the future as the city continues to convert its fleet to meet the city's sustainability goals."

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