I Present to You the World's Most Emotional Motorcycle Commercial Ever

Brace yourself for one of the most heart-tugging, emotional motorcycle ads you will ever see.

Based on a true story, the motorcycle tribute by Taiwan-based TC Bank starts with flashbacks suffered by the "Dream Rangers," a group of five older Taiwanese gentlemen receiving terrible news regarding medical conditions and the deceased, including one special childhood friend.

After a low key gathering at the dinner table, one of them loudly proclaims "let's ride motorcycles" before canes, pills, and health aids are dropped to go on an epic venture. According to the commercial, the average age of the gentlemen is 81, with one having a hearing problem, one with cancer, and three suffering from heart disease.

To prepare, they went through six grueling months of rehab therapy before traveling 13 days throughout the country, covering 1,139 kilometers.

What an inspiring story for an extraordinary group of gentleman and a tribute to the power of healing.

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