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Cabot Guns Addresses Trump: "P320 is Not Drop Safe, We'll Produce a 100% Made in America Pistol"

The crew at Cabot Guns takes to Instagram to call out the Commander in Chief and the P320, offering to make a 100% American gun for the U.S. military.

The barrage against the P320 continues. If you're paying any attention, you've likely picked up on the heat Sig Sauer is getting for issues with the gun. For those of you not yet in the loop, I'll explain. Better yet, watch the video below.

The gang over at The Truth About Guns did a simple test to show how easy it is for the P320 to misfire. In the video, the crew takes a brand new P320 and drops it at a distance of around five feet. The gun fires on two out of three drops, as you can see.

Well, the crew at Cabot Guns was not a fan. Taking to their Instagram page, which is awesome by the way, the team called for President Trump to "rip up that new military contract" for the P320. In the post, Cabot argues that those serving in our armed forces deserve "better than a $600 plastic pistol as their last form of defense."

Sig Sauer has announced a voluntary safety upgrade they claim will solve the issue.

Cabot Guns, who produces high end, custom fire arms, argues they could produce a better alternative. They'd also guarantee that the firearm would 100% a Made In America product.

When the gauntlet gets thrown down by a company that literally makes guns from pieces of meteorites, it might be time to take heed. Whether or not they could actually do it, or if they'll even get the chance, is still up in the air.

But we'd love to see it.

Check out the Cabot Guns Instagram page here for more info.

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