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New Wireless Thermal Weapon Sights Could Give U.S. Soldiers an Edge

These next-generation gun sights seem set to change the game for the U.S. Army.

The latest innovation to come from the U.S. military is going to change the game for gun sights. While we've gotten used to weapons innovations coming from the military, it still gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to hear stories like this. The U.S. Army will soon begin using wireless, thermal imaging in a heads up display as it's new gun sights. Awesome.

You read that correctly. As opposed to looking down the sights directly, the U.S. Army will soon begin using high-resolution cameras as its new optics. High-resolution video will feed directly into the troops' heads up display through their helmets.

Developers argue this innovation will allow for greater accuracy and an increased field of view.

Army officials agree. "This is the first time the soldier will have a system which combines a true day and night capability with a laser range finder to adjust for the ballistics of the various ammunition types for the crew served weapons," says one official.

M240 Bravo 2

The wireless sights are being tested for the M2 .50-cal, M240 machine gun, and the Mk 19 grenade launcher.

The contract to develop the technology was awarded to BAE Systems. John Koltookian, technical director at BAE Systems, says that the new technology, "for the first time, incorporates a high-resolution day camera and a laser range finder into the weapon sight, allowing the user to engage targets with a range-correct reticle." Initial contract value is around $10.5 Million. The contract could be worth as much as $384 Million.

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New Wireless Thermal Weapon Sights Could Give U.S. Soldiers an Edge