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Burglars Made Off with More Than 100 Guns From a West Virginia Gun and Pawn


Massive burglary results in 100 stolen guns in West Virginia.

In one of the latest high-profile firearm theft incidents, State Police and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating a burglary of a West Virginia gun and pawn shop in which over 100 firearms were taken.

The brazen burglars broke into Sportsmen's Gun and Pawn in Barboursville Sunday night. According to WSAZ 3 News, the thieves got access to the shop after making a hole in the wall.

The burglary resulted in the pawn shop being closed for a full day while ATF and state police investigated. They were still figuring out exactly how many guns were stolen on Monday.

Sportsman's Gun and Pawn posted on Facebook that they expected to be open again on Tuesday.

But as if the theft of over 100 firearms wasn't enough, the thieves also broken into a pizza place in the same parking lot. They ended up taking cash from that business.

There has been a rash of high-profile gun shop burglaries this spring across the nation. In Maryland, burglars took 30 guns in just 90 seconds back in March. Nearby in Virginia, a similar smash-and-grab crime resulted in 35 guns being taken.

In that case at least three suspects were later captured. In Florida, burglars used an extremely unsubtle approach when they used a pickup truck as a battering ram to get into a gun store.

Anyone with information on this latest crime in West Virginia should contact the state police or ATF.


Burglars Made Off with More Than 100 Guns From a West Virginia Gun and Pawn