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Thieves Use Pickup as Battering Ram in Gun Shop Burglary

pickup truck battering ram

This gun shop burglary was not subtle.

There has been a rash of recent gun shop smash-and-grab burglaries getting headlines across the nation, but this one from Florida may be the most dramatic yet. Watch thieves gain access to Sunshine State Armory in Zephyrhills, Florida, using a pickup truck to smash in the front doors on April 9.

The men are in and out of the store with their stolen goods in a manner of seconds.

That pickup was later found ditched and set on fire in a wooded area. Police aren't sure exactly how many firearms or ammunition was stolen in this burglary. But they are working with the ATF to try and break this case.

The ATF is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest of the suspects.

This case comes right on the heels of a string of gun shop smash and grabs that took place in Virginia and Maryland last month.

In the Virginia case at least three suspects were later arrested. But not many of the firearms were recovered.

Anyone with information on this case is being asked to contact the Zephyrhills Police Department at (813) 780-0050.


Thieves Use Pickup as Battering Ram in Gun Shop Burglary