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Video: British Man's Reaction to a Minnesota Gun Shop is Great

This should come as no surprise.

The Second Amendment really is a unique thing when compared to the rest of the world. If you needed any proof of that, this British guy wanders his way into a Minnesota gun shop and films the whole thing.

His reaction to what he sees is about what you'd expect!

Watch the video below:

If it wasn't clear before, this video demonstrates they just don't have anything even remotely close to this store across the pond. As the other guy points out, this is very normal to us. If he's freaked out by this, someone should take him to a Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops!

Many would be quick to rip into this guy for not knowing anything about what he's describing, but what do you really expect? He comes from a place where this is completely nonexistent. Most countries don't have the luxury of the gun rights we enjoy in America. They only know what they see on TV and the internet.

For this reason, this video is the very definition of culture shock. All I can say is welcome to America, this is who we are!