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Building an Underground Survival Shelter is a Ton of Work

This is one serious survival shelter!

Many serious preppers dream of having their own underground survival shelter that is meant to withstand anything, just in case the SHTF. There are a few niche companies out there who do nothing but build top-of-the-line shelters like this and they are quite impressive.

It also turns out that installing one takes as much as work as building it. If you are going to spend a ton of money on an extreme shelter, you might as well go big or go home.

That is what they did here. The video below shows just how much work goes into installing a 10x30 foot shelter as the first step of a new house construction.

Talk about taking your prepping to a whole new level! I'm reminded of the movie "Tremors 2" where Fred Ward tells Michael Gross' character Burt Gummer: "You put a whole new meaning on the word overkill!"

In case you were wondering, the video's description says a shelter like this starts at approximately $93,000! That puts this kind of shelter out of reach for most of us. The inside of this shelter is nicer than my first apartment! The design of the air pipe was interesting in how it was designed to protect against outside sabotage. An escape hatch addition is a good idea in case something ever goes wrong and you must exit in a hurry. Just make sure the entrance is hidden well from prying eyes. Speaking of which, we liked how the gun safe was hidden in plain sight inside.

A quick look at the Atlas Shelter website reveals survival shelter plans for smaller shelters like this, but also larger shelters that can hold multiple families. These shelters can have extensive gun rooms, filtration systems, areas to grow food and more.

It seems the company also sells smaller "safe rooms" for protection against tornado and fire. They also sell smaller underground areas designed specifically for storage of valuable items that you would not want damaged by natural disaster.

We can't afford one of these, but they are cool to see. This is one of those things that if we did have the means to have one, we would hope it never got used for anything other than the world's coolest man cave!

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