clipboard mousetrap

Build a Clipboard Mousetrap From Your Office Supplies

Here's how to easily build an effective and deadly clipboard mousetrap. You'll be digging through your office desk for supplies after watching this.

This clipboard mousetrap is one of the more creative traps Shawn Woods has shown on his YouTube channel. It uses three very common components that are found in virtually any home or business office: a clipboard, a pencil and a paper clip.

You'll also need a pocket knife or box cutter to form the pencil into a trigger. The only caveat Woods mentions is that he feels an old fashioned wooden pencil is best, as the newer ones are basically a composite made of sawdust and glue, and don't hold up very well to cutting cleanly.

He sets the trap up in his barn and puts a motion camera on it, and boy, is it ever deadly. It's at least as lethal to mice as a store-bought, wood-and-wire mousetrap.

I thought it was pretty clever for Woods to put his Mousetrap Mondays logo paper in the clipboard before setting it up (talk about warning the mice!) But this thing works extremely well.

Mousetrap Mondays have become a very successful adjunct for Wood's YouTube channel. In fact, they're about all he does lately because he's a new father and his time is much more limited than it used to be. Also, he's having some issues with YouTube demonetizing his hunting and bushcraft videos.

If you're interested in the history and incredible variety of mousetraps, his channel is the place to go.

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