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Flintknap a Toilet: How to Make an Arrowhead from a Crapper

toilet arrowhead

How to knap an arrowhead from "john-stone" or toilet porcelain. You can make edged weapons from the crappiest of materials.

Scrounging through an old dump site yields treasures to those with the eyes to see them. "Broken bottles and other pieces of glass flintknap just as well obsidian, flint and other natural rock," says Shawn Woods. "Another material you can use to make arrowheads from is the porcelain from a toilet."

This porcelain, or "john-stone", is perfectly acceptable to knap into edged weapons. Woods likes to work the material initially with a deer antler as a hammering tool, to remove the square edges. He works the piece by hammering off flakes as he continually turns it over in his hand, until he gets a nice biface about the size of the arrowhead.

It doesn't take long.

Then, he switches to an antler pressure flaker to further refine the piece and sharpen the edges. After he's got the shaped and sharpened arrowhead, he uses a more refined pressure flaker to add the knock to the arrowhead. Woods uses a piece of wood with a horseshoe nail inserted into one end.

"If you don't have access to natural materials such as obsidian and flint," advises Woods, "try learning how to flintknap using common materials such as broken glass and toilet porcelain. You make a variety of tools, including arrowheads and knives."

If you're a flintknapper, you too may start to see the trash with different eyes.

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Flintknap a Toilet: How to Make an Arrowhead from a Crapper