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Trail Camera Captures How Nothing is Wasted in Nature

trail camera

A diverse group of animal scavengers and predators feed on an elk carcass over the course of a few days. It’s all captured on a trail camera.

Nothing goes to waste in nature.

Here, an elk carcass and the critters who visited it are caught on a trail camera over the course of a week. This single carcass fed a good many animals, from a mountain lion and coyote to buzzards and crows.

The scene took place in southwest Washington. The carcass was that of an adult cow elk that has been radio-collared as part a Mt. Saint Helens elk herd study.

The elk was found when the mortality signal was given off by the collar. A necropsy was performed Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists and it was determined that the elk had been killed by a mountain lion. Probably the lion seen in the trail cam pictures.

Officials left a motion-triggered trail camera at the location, and a week later they retrieved the camera. It was loaded with more than 5,000 still images. A number of images were compiled and make up this video documentary of the animals that fed upon the elk.

We’ve seen other similar photo and video documents such as this. Here’s one where wolves, bald eagles and ravens feed on a carcass. and here’s a video where Shawn Woods hung up a possum and skunk carcass and put a trail camera on them.

From death comes life, and so the circle continues.

This video documentary was edited and compiled by Brooke George, wildlife biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Trail Camera Captures How Nothing is Wasted in Nature