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Johnnie Walker Blue Arrowhead: Knapping the Good Stuff!

Johnnie Walker Blue

Shawn Woods knaps a Hohokam-style arrowhead from a bottle that formerly housed Johnnie Walker Blue scotch whisky. This is a premium arrowhead!

Johnnie Walker Blue is among the world’s elites when it comes to premier scotch. The bottles are even collectible. But to Shawn Woods, they provide source material for knapping arrowheads.

He’s knapped arrowheads from antique bottles, from antique fruit jars, and even from an old toilet. This time he’s using a high-end whisky bottle.

Woods knaps a Hohokam style arrowhead from the bottle. The Hohokam were a prehistoric culture that thrived in the Sonoran desert region of southern Arizona from around 300 b.c. to about 1450 a.d..

This style of arrowhead is long and comes to a narrow, sharp point. About two-thirds of the way down the arrowhead the edges of the point are highly serrated, and the base is crescent shaped.

It’s not as complicated to knap as it might seem, and Woods does a beautiful job, producing a fine and elegant glass arrowhead.

He says that the reason he makes so many videos showing the knapping of arrowheads from diverse materials is because not everyone has access to obsidian or flint, the stones traditionally used in knapping. By using various glass, porcelain and other manmade sources he is demonstrating that knapping can be accomplished using commonly found materials.

He uses three or four primitive tools to accomplish the task: a hammerstone, a deer antler bopper, an antler pressure flaker and an elk leg bone pressure flaker for fine, detailed work. It’s really pretty amazing that he can craft such a refined point using a minimum of natural tools.

It speaks to his skill and all of the hours he’s put in in increasing his knapping expertise, yet he maintains that he too still accidentally breaks or shatters the occasional arrowhead.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Arrowhead: Knapping the Good Stuff!