Bubba Fishing Shears

Bubba Unveils Three New Fishing Shear Designs for 2021

Bubba introduces three new styles of fishing shears new for 2021.

If you're like us, you are probably starting to transition away from hunting seasons and are gearing up for winter and spring fishing to begin. The nice thing is, we're already getting some new fishing product announcements for 2021 to help start the new year off right.

One of the first new announcements we have comes from Bubba, who make knives, pliers, and other quality fishing tools for an affordable price.

Now they are announcing three new types of fishing shears that anglers are sure to find useful whether you fish saltwater or fresh.

Bubba Small Shears

The first new product on the market is the small shears. The blades here are two inches long, have a titanium nitride coating to help them withstand the elements. We see these as being a solid option for most freshwater anglers who target everything from bass to bluegill. The blades are micro-serrated, which is only going to add to the cutting power. Bubba says it snips braided, fluorocarbon and monocarbon lines with ease.

Bubba added some more functionality to these shears by adding a crimping tool for split shot and a bottle opener. A lanyard hole helps keep this tool close for when you need it the most. As with all Bubba products, these shears have the signature red non-slip grips on the handles which make them easy to hold, even if your hands are wet. These shears are also built with a full-tang construction, which is going to make them tougher than your average fishing shears.

Bubba Medium Shears

The company is calling the medium sized shears their most versatile option of the line. The blades are slightly longer at three inches and feature the same micro-serrated blades and titanium nitride coating. They did pack a bit more usefulness in here by also adding a fish descaler to one of the blades. The whole package comes in at about 7.5 inches long. One cool feature of these shears is that they can be disassembled, allowing you to use them as a knife, or to make it easier to clean.

These shears also feature the bottle opener and lanyard hole. However, Bubba also added a hook sharpener and a hook eye cleaner for those brand-new jigheads. These shears also feature a full-tang and Bubba's signature grips.

Bubba Large Shears

These shears also feature three-inch blades with a full-tang construction, micro-serrations and titanium-nitride coated blades. These shears can also be disassembled for cleaning. Like the other shears on this list, Bubba says it easily slices through fluorocarbon, monocarbon and braided lines. The signature grips are a bit longer here, making these shears easier to handle for those with larger hands or anglers who simply want to put more leverage on the blades.

These shears also have a bottle opener. They also feature a few extras not found on the other blades such as a carabiner clip, and a sheath to attach it to your belt for easy access. We think this one will probably be most popular with saltwater anglers. Bubba's promotional materials show these shears being used to clean crabs.

For more information on these shears and other Bubba products, check out their website.

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