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Bubba Blade Introduces the First Full Tang, Interchangeable Fillet Knife System

Bubba Blade introduces an interchangeable full-tang knife fillet system.

Every fisherman needs a good fillet knife. However, anglers are often forced to make a hard choice. Do they want versatility with interchangeable blades, or strength through a fixed-blade full tang blade? They won't have to decide between the two now that the Bubba Multi-Flex Full Tang fillet knife is here.

Bubba Blade fishing gear says anglers will no longer have to choose when picking filleting equipment with the debut of their new Bubba Multi-Flex Full Tang interchangeable set of knives.

If you're wondering how a full tang blade can also be interchangeable, it seems Bubba Blade has designed a locking mechanism near the grip's safety guards where the tang can slide in and out of the handle. The blade can then be locked down to give the user better grip security.

These handles are the same red rubber design that have become iconic in Bubba's products. We've tried them with the company's fishing pliers before and they provide great grip when your hands are wet or covered with fish slime.

The handle for the Multi-Flex fillet knife is approximately six inches long and should provide a good deal of leverage for working the blade through even the boniest of saltwater fish.

The blade material here is a high carbon stainless steel that has also been been given a titanium nitride finish to help resist rusting and corrosion. There's a built-in trigger grip, too.

Blade length varies based on which one you choose. There's a 7-inch Tapered Flex Blade, 8-inch Ultra Flex Blade, 9-inch Stiff Blade and 9-inch Serrated Blade. That should make short work of the bodies and spines of fish that are sometimes time-consuming to fillet. With blade inserted, this knife has an overall length around 15 inches.

Bubba says an interchangeable blade knife set featuring full tang construction is an industry first.

"We here at Bubba take it very serious in striving to develop highly innovative products for the angling market," Bubba's Brand Manager Josh Neville said when the product was officially announced. "Our team, again, has developed a first-of-its-kind product. No other knife on the market offers a full-tang interchangeable blade system, making our product extremely durable and very safe to easily swap out the different styles of blades for small, medium or large fish in any salt or freshwater environment."

Bubba is including a a black carry case to transport your blades from the boat, to the dock, to the kitchen and back again. It's a very innovative design and we'll be interested to see how knife enthusiasts react to its release. It's almost a given that casual fishermen can see the advantage, and folks that do a lot of fish cleaning will certainly view it as nothing but a benefit.

The Multi-Flex high carbon stainless steel blade system is already in stock on their website. The MRSP is $125.99. Take a look at BubbaBlade.com for more details, or find them at Cabelas.com as well.

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