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Bubba Blade

Bubba Blade Announces More New Fishing and Food Prep Products

Bubba Blade Adds more tools to an already extensive 2020 lineup.

Many fishing brands have been busier than ever this summer announcing new products. Bubba Blade is one of them. The company has already announced a 7-inch folding tapered flex knife and their Multi-Flex full tang interchangeable fillet knife set this year. However, those were apparently not enough. The new product announcements just keep coming.

Bubba is rolling out these new products as part of this year's ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) show, an event that was moved to an online format because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the other new products Bubba has announced include an Ulu knife, an oyster shucking knife, a gaff and two hook extractors. Here are all the details of these new additions to the Bubba line that are already available for sale online.

Bubba Hook Extractors

One of the first new notables to the Bubba line are their 6-inch and 12-inch hook extractors. Who among us has not struggled to remove a difficult and deep hook set from a fish? These extractors have a titanium-nitride coating to help protect from the elements of a saltwater environment. They are spring loaded to help make reaching and removing hooks from the mouths of smaller game fish species easier. Bubba says these extractors will help with safely releasing more fish.

As per usual for Bubba, the handles of these hook extractors include the orange and tacky non-slip grips the brand is known for. Bubba decided to make two different sizes to accommodate a variety of game fish species. The 6-inch version has an MSRP of $34.99 while the 12-inch version will retail for $39.99.

Portable Gaff

Honestly, we are surprised Bubba Blade did not release a gaff sooner given the plethora of other saltwater fishing products. The company says this heavy, but this gaff was designed for offshore fishing adventures. It will help you haul aboard even the biggest of fish. Bubba Blade made this gaff three feet long, which makes it usable not just to the anglers on huge boats, but to those in smaller boats or even kayaks too. We appreciate they are keeping anglers with smaller watercraft in mind here.

This gaff has a 3-inch offset hook made of 17-4 PH stainless steel. This gaff also features the signature Bubba Blade grips which will help significantly when you are trying to land the big one and your hands are slippery with bait grease or fish slime. The suggested retail price is $149.99.

Paddoc Shucking Knife

One of the more interesting new additions to the Bubba line is this oyster shucking knife. Content not just with gamefish, it seems they want to expand their horizons to a variety of other seafood items humans love to gather from the world's oceans. This shucking knife is fitted with the signature orange grips making it easy to handle during a long oyster-cleaning session.

The 2.5-inch blade is made from 440C stainless steel which should help it last for a long time. This one has been out for a while now and is already getting great customer reviews from people who have found plenty of additional uses for it beyond oyster shucking. The retail price is $20.99.

Proteus Ulu Knife

The last new addition to the Bubba Blade line is the Proteus Ulu Knife and it may be the most versatile of the new products. For those unfamiliar, an Ulu is a traditional knife used by Native Americans in Alaska. Bubba's design features a blade made from 420 stainless steel and the company says it is good for everything from cleaning fish to slicing a pizza or fresh vegetables. It could also probably be used for cutting bait.

The Bubba grips should lend themselves well to a knife of this design and allow plenty of leverage to get tough jobs done. Bubba decided to add a little more function to this knife by also including a bottle opener inside the blade. We dig that idea. The Proteus Ulu retails for $31.99.

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