Gored By Bison

Brave Man Takes Date to Same Spot He Was Gored By Bison, and It Happened to Her

Kyler Bourgeous won't soon forget the trails of Antelope Island State Park, because he's witnessed two cases of getting gored by a bison. One was his own, and the other? It was his date.  

If you were going to take someone out on a date, where would you take them?

If you appreciate the outdoors, a nice hike to a scenic sunset in a picturesque state park would be pretty great, right?

That's what Kyler Bourgeous had in mind when he strolled up the trail at Utah's Antelope Island State Park earlier this month. He was with Kayleigh Davis, and brought her to an area he was very familiar with.

Familiar not only because he had frequented the park for years, but because he'd been gored by a bison there just months before. He suffered a cracked rib, a collapsed lung, and head injuries in June.

It's tough to forget something like that.

The story only gets more astounding, because Davis was gored herself after another bison charged and flipped her.

In the span of a few months, Bourgeous was gored by North America's largest land mammal, and his date suffered the same fate while accompanying him.

As far as we can tell, and based on what Lt. Eric Stucki with Utah State Parks told the Associated Press, neither "did anything out of the ordinary" to cause the large mammals to trigger their defensive instinct.

Davis was the second person injured by a bison at Antelope Island this year. And she was on a date with the first. Her injuries included a broken ankle and a gash on her leg.

There's little doubting this guy suffered some bad luck with his first incident. But then he brought a nice girl, who he presumably was trying to impress, face-to-face with the same outcome.

His response to folks who might criticize that?

"There's a fair number of people that assume by association that this was somehow my fault, because I was there when it happened again," Bourgeous was quoted as saying. "I would never intentionally approach a bison."

At least he wasn't trying to capture a selfie.

The National Park Service says to avoid bison incidents by keeping at least 25 yards away, turning blind corners slowly and cautiously, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Bourgeous and Davis are not planning any future dates at Antelope Island.