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Plan Your Autumn Camping Trip Around These Peak Fall Colors Dates

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Pick the perfect time to camp with these predicted fall foliage dates. 

Fall is a fantastic time to squeeze in one more camping trip. If you're like me, there's nothing quite like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cool autumn morning. It's even better if you're enjoying it in camp.

And the crisp, cool nights make for great sleeping in the outdoors and fantastic times around a crackling campfire. The only thing better than all that? That would be timing one last camping trip to perfectly coincide with enjoying the beautiful fall foliage.

And the Weather Channel and the time-tested Old Farmer's Almanac have released some fall foliage predictions to help you do just that. First off, the Weather Channel has released maps showing some peak times for fall colors.


You can see more of their maps on the Weather Channel, they have produced specific ones for the different areas of the U.S.

If you're looking for something more specific, the Old Farmer's Almanac also has their predictions in and they're a little more date and region specific. Here they are:

Alabama: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Arizona: Oct. 5-21
Arkansas: Oct. 19-Nov. 4; (Ozarks) Oct. 12-28
California: Oct. 15-31
Colorado: Oct. 5-14
Connecticut: Oct. 12-28
Delaware: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Florida: Nov. 2-11
Georgia: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Idaho: Oct. 5-21
Illinois:(Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Indiana:(Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Iowa: Oct. 5-21
Kansas:(Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Kentucky:(Eastern) Oct. 5-21; (Western) Oct. 12-28
Louisiana: Nov. 2-11
Maine: (Inland) Oct. 1-17; (Coastal) Oct. 5-21
Maryland:(Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Massachusetts:(Inland) Oct. 5-21; (Coastal) Oct. 12-28
Michigan:(Northern) Oct. 1-17; (Southern) Oct. 5-21
Minnesota:(Northern) Oct. 1-17; (Southern) Oct. 5-21
Mississippi : Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Missouri:(Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Montana:(Central) Sept. 28-Oct. 9; (Western) Oct. 5-21
Nebraska: Oct. 5-21
Nevada: Oct. 12-28
New Hampshire:(Inland) Sept. 28-Oct. 9; (Coastal) Oct. 5-21
New Jersey:(Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
New Mexico: Sept. 28-Oct. 9
New York: Sept. 28-Oct. 28, depending on elevation and distance from the coast.
North Carolina:(Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
North Dakota: Oct. 5-21
Ohio: Oct. 5-21
Oklahoma: Oct. 26-Nov. 4
Oregon: Oct. 12-28
Pennsylvania: Oct. 5-21
Rhode Island: Oct. 12-28
South Carolina: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
South Dakota: Oct. 5-21
Tennessee: Oct. 12-28
Texas: Nov. 2-11
Utah: Oct. 5-21
Vermont:(Northern) Sept. 24-Oct. 10; (Southern) Oct. 5-14
Virginia:(Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Washington: Oct. 12-28
West Virginia: Oct. 5-21
Wisconsin: Oct. 5-14
Wyoming: Oct. 5-14

These are helpful if you're looking to schedule some limited vacation time.

It would appear if you're in the north, your best bet for enjoying the colors is going to be early and mid-October. The exceptions are the higher elevation areas of northern Minnesota, mid-Colorado and the northern parts of New England.

If you don't have time at those dates, your next best bet would be more southerly or far western areas which are peaking in late October and early November.

No matter where you choose, fall is an awesome time to camp. There's the great scenery, popular camping areas are less crowded and there's no bugs!

I've been thinking I need to head up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula this fall. Looks like early October will be the time. Now I just need to figure out a way to carve out some time to do it!


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Plan Your Autumn Camping Trip Around These Peak Fall Colors Dates