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Teen Unexpectedly Catches 150-Pound Sturgeon While Walleye Fishing

CBC Canada

A teen and his father got one big surprise while walleye fishing!

A teenager from Pinawa, Manitoba got quite a surprise while walleye fishing when he pulled in a sturgeon almost as big as he was.

"This is probably a once in a lifetime, right here," 17-year-old Dave McLean told CBC News.

As with many great fish stories, this catch was unexpected while he was fishing with his dad. The duo was using a light tackle with only about 20-pound test line on it when the teen hooked into the 6 foot sturgeon in the Winnipeg River.

He spent the next 90 minutes fighting the fish, admittedly longer than either was expecting. His father was there to help lift the fish into the boat once Dave finished the catch.

Dave's father, Rob, reached out to clear up some discrepancies and told us that, unlike originally reported on CBC News, that he in fact did not hook the fish.

"The truth is that Dave hooked the fish and fought it by himself for the full 90 minutes! I only helped my son lift the fish into the boat once he finally got it up along side of the boat," Rob wrote, and we thank him for going out of his way to ensure the correct information was shared.

While they had a tape measure on board and got an accurate measurement of the fish, they did not have a scale. Because they released the fish, they can only speculate about its weight. "I'm about 160 and it was close to as heavy as me," McLean told CBC News. "So we're guessing, including charts that we've seen online, it's between 130 and 150 pounds."

CBC Canada

The ancient fish, estimated to be around 80 years old, is close in size to the Manitoba record, but a little bit short of the 6.5 foot record set in 1996.

Even though the teen was worn out from the fight, the sturgeon found a second wind after the father and son measured it.

"He was thrashing before he even hit the water," McLean said. "We slid him over the side of the boat and before his nose even hit the water he was trying to swim away. So by the time his body was in the water, he was long gone."

Overall, 2016 has been one heck of a year for sturgeon fishing, no matter what variety. In Michigan back in February, a lake sturgeon season lasted just one hour before quotas were filled. Catch and release records for the ancient fish fell in both Idaho and Minnesota.

In Oregon, a 10-foot white sturgeon was netted back in March. And an even bigger, 11-foot sturgeon was caught and released by a fishing guide in British Columbia back in June.

It should be interesting to see what other giants are captured as we roll towards the ends of summer and the fishing starts to pick up again.

Correction: Details of the catch have been corrected after getting primary source information.


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Teen Unexpectedly Catches 150-Pound Sturgeon While Walleye Fishing