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Interactive Foliage Map Projects Change of Fall Colors [PICS]

Smoky Mountains National Park

New interactive foliage map allows users to project the change of fall colors, timing the transition of autumn's splendor.

Albert Camus once said, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

Fall is the season of change and transition. In autumn, we see the rise again of football, hunting, fishing, hayrides, pumpkins and haunted houses.

As the fall days begin to get shorter and shorter, the production of chlorophyll slows to a halt, and compounds known as carotenoids and anthocyanins eventually give way to the full spectrum of color the leaf possesses.


The Appalachian Mountains, hosting forests of hardwoods, provide a kaleidoscope of warm colors that attract tourists from miles around, getting in a last dose of camping, sunshine or fresh squeezed apple cider in preparation for the winter.

The Blue Ridge parkway, Rock City, and Ruby Falls are some of the most popular fall tourism destinations in the Southeast, drawing visitors to Gatlinburg, Tennessee's campgrounds, hotels and vacation rentals. With the help of technology, tracking the transition of colors and planning for these vacations nationwide has never been easier than before.

An interactive map from calculates the perfect timing to experience the full range of fall colors from the leaves of deciduous trees. A sliding chronological scale allows travelers to time their trips through the mountains to observe peak colors in the many shades of autumn.

Head to the interactive map here to see when and where you should plan your autumn road trips.

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Interactive Foliage Map Projects Change of Fall Colors [PICS]