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Archer Hits Target From 300 Yards With His Bow

josh bowmar
YouTube: Trophy State of Mind TV

Think you could do it?

If you've ever shot a compound bow, you know how hard it is to accurately hit long-range targets, especially targets more than 200 yards away.

In this video, Matt of Trophy State of Mind TV makes an incredible shot from 300 yards away. He starts shooting from 100 yards and then moves back to 200 yards and finally back to the 300-yard range. Matt says the shot only took a couple tries, but I'm sure it involved hours of practice and careful planning.

The arrows he's shooting are Black Eagle Carnivores. As for the bow, we're not sure what the model is.

With precision like that, it's no wonder this guy looks at home on the shooting range. The amount of practice that it takes to pull something like that off is impressive.

Can you imagine taking that long of a shot on a deer or an elk?



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Archer Hits Target From 300 Yards With His Bow