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How to Set Your Sights on the Hottie at the Range

range hottie
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Here are three great ideas for picking up the range hottie!

Do you ever see one or two ladies practicing a couple lanes down from you? Have you ever wanted to try to get the digits of those ladies?

Admit it, have you ever taken an hour or so at the gun range to try to pick up the range hottie?

Some might say this is an unconventional way, but why not try get to know her at a place ya'll both enjoy! The shooting range.

Well here are a few ways to give it your best shot!

1. Pay for her range fees

woman shooting

Any fine gentleman will pay for a first date. Same goes for when you're at the gun range trying to pick up a date. Be sure to pay for her time and maybe you'll get her attention, and you never know, it could lead to a second date.

2. Make it a competition

range hottie
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Ask if she wants to have a friendly competition of who can shoot the best grouping. This will be sure to give both of you time to get to know each other and, you never know she might just beat you. In fact, she probably will.

On second thought if you don't let her beat you, your chance at her getting her number drastically decreases! Keep that in mind.

3. Ask her on date

After it's all said and done, it's time to finally ask her on a date. You have to at some point, or she'll walk out of your life forever. Don't miss your chance of dating the girl of your dreams. Who knows ya'll might even get married one day, and you can look back and tell your children you met at a shooting range.

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How to Set Your Sights on the Hottie at the Range