YouTube: Catawba Valley Outdoors

Bowhunter Bags Massive, 140-inch Ohio 6-Point Whitetail on Film

This massive 6-pointer is the buck of a lifetime.

How does one define the buck of a lifetime? Is it simply size? Or is it age? You're going to find many hunters who will probably argue one way or another on that. And they probably have some merits to those arguments. However, we'd argue that it is subjective based on the situation.

Case in point are those rare giant bucks that only have a few points. Yet these deer are still massive enough to be considered a "wallhanger." Case in point, the massive 6-point buck in the video we're sharing today.

Jacob of Catawba Valley Outdoors has not seen this buck during the daylight hours since August. However, a little of that November magic works in his favor and he's presented an opportunity at this beast.

What a buck! There's no denying that this was a great buck to take out of the herd. This was an older deer that was likely well past his prime. It appeared he may have had a slight limp as he walked past the stand too. We can't blame him for attempting that second shot. We wouldn't want to see a buck like that run out of our sight either. The second shot may have missed, but it doesn't matter. That was buck was a dead deer walking on the first shot.

Since more and more of these videos have been popping up, it has had us questioning antler point restrictions a bit. After all, there are some areas of the country where this obviously mature deer wouldn't be legal under those kinds of restrictions. It's something to think about at the very least.

We see plenty of big buck videos here at Wide Open Spaces. Many featuring true giants with 20 or more points and 200+ inches of antler. However, we must admit, there is something special about the videos of the big 4-points and 6-points. They just feel that much rarer than a B&C class whitetail. Much of that just comes from the fact that almost every buck like this that we have seen has been five, six or more years old. This is one 6-point we wouldn't hesitate to have shoulder mounted! Congratulations to Jacob on a true beast!

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