YouTube: The Bowhunter dude

Bowhunter Bags Ridiculously Large 4-Point Whitetail in Kentucky

This buck has one of the biggest 4-point frames we've ever seen.

What defines a "trophy buck?" For many hunters, it's all about the deer with the most points, the widest spread and the heaviest mass. Not that we blame them for that. We think it's okay to want those things in the deer you harvest. However, there are some deer that seem to redefine what constitutes a true shooter buck and this is one of those times.

Because the buck in this video has some of the most unique antlers we have ever seen. This buck has a massive 4-point frame that will make you re-think your definition of "fork horn."

YouTuber The Bowhunter dude, Riley, successfully targets this unusual Kentucky buck. He ends up making a perfect heart shot on one of the most unique deer you will ever see. What's better, he captures the entire hunt on video to share with the world.

We must admit, we never thought we would consider a full shoulder mount for a 4-pointer, but this deer would probably be an exception! We know that technically this is a 5-point with that kicker off the right main beam, but that's still a huge deer for a 5-pointer. We're not sure if this deer is a world record for a deer with so few points, but it must be up there. Deer like this are probably rarer than a Boone & Crockett buck. We'd be surprised if any major record keeping organization even has a category for them.

We're with Riley, the brow tines seem obvious, but we're not sure if the other points would be measured as G2s, or the main beam. While I personally do believe in QDM, even I must admit a deer like this does make a strong argument against antler point restrictions. This is an obviously older deer past his prime. A great candidate to take out of the herd. However, there are some parts of the country where this deer wouldn't be legal to shoot because of APRs. Just some food for thought.

So long as it was legal, we wouldn't hesitate to shoot him. This is a highly unusual deer to be sure and the buck of a lifetime, just for an entirely different reason than many hunters are used to!

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