World Record Buck
Screenshot via: 3 KSN News

Kansas Teen's 42-Point Buck Now Officially a New World Record for a Female Hunter

It's official, Paslie Werth's buck is the largest ever taken by a female hunter.

A 14-year-old Kansas teen has just made hunting history as her monster 42-point buck has finally been officially scored and will now become the largest non-typical whitetail ever taken by a female hunter. 3 KSN News reports the 60-day drying period has ended and the official net Boone and Crockett score is a staggering 271 4/8 inches.

Paslie Werth made headlines worldwide earlier this year when she harvested the massive whitetail on family property in Kiowa County. She was hunting with her father during the Kansas youth season on September 6 when the beast of a buck gave her an opportunity at only 25 yards.

The buck initially green scored 282 6/8 inches, which had some people speculating it could be a new state record for Kansas. However, the final net score means the Werth buck will miss the mark by nine inches. It will officially become the fifth-largest non-typical in the Sunflower State, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Still, we are betting she doesn't care about the state record because Werth's buck breaks the women's world record for a non-typical whitetail that has stood for 23 years. The previous record was also a Kansas buck and is a 257 1/8-inch, 34-pointer harvested by Jamie Remmers back in 1997.

The Werth family had an extensive history with the buck prior to Paslie shooting him. In fact, both her father and her sister had both let the deer walk the season prior. It ended up being a good decision.

"My sister passed on the buck, and then my dad passed it last year, because it was pretty broke up when he saw it, and this year, was kinda just my year," Paslie told 3 KSN News. "It was very shocking when I got him."

The family knew this buck was larger than normal, but the final score came as something of a shock to the already accomplished teenage hunter.

"When we got the score, it was hard to wrap around because none of us guessed it to be that much," Paslie told the news station. "And it was just very surprising, and I kinda couldn't believe it. The trail camera pictures that we got, did not do it justice."

Paslie has been hunting for only four years now. She competes in archery and air pistol competitions in 4-H. Clearly, she knows what she's doing because this was her fourth buck overall. The craziest thing about this story is that this is not even her first Boone and Crockett class animal. She also has a 178-inch 12-pointer to her credit.

"She got her hunter safety card when she was 11, and every year since then, four years in a row, she's shot a buck, and it's gotten bigger every year," Paslie's father Kurt told the news station.

3 KSN reports the buck was also measured for Buckmaster's scoring system, where it tallied a score of 283 inches in the BTR system, which uses no deductions, but also gives no spread credit. Paslie's

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