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4 Female Hunters You Need to Follow Now

You won't want to miss following these four ladies as they leave their mark on the hunting world.

Women have quietly participated in the hunting industry since the very beginning, but it's no secret the sport's popularity among the fairer sex has exploded in recent years. You may have heard of the big names like Tiffany Lakosky and Eva Shockey, but you won't want to miss out on the following list. These four ladies are making their mark on the hunting world with passion and intelligence, all while making camo facepaint look better than a Cosmo cover.

Courtney Sweetser Smith

Courtney Sweester Smith Climbs in a Treestand
Courtney Sweester Smith makes the morning climb into a treestand. Photo cred: @i.knowaguy

Courtney is an avid bowhunter, wingshooter, and all-around outdoorswoman. She's no stranger to the shooting range, and her gun collection is likely to leave you drooling. Courtney posts helpful tips, tricks and do-it-yourself projects as well. She's definitely an inspiration to men and women alike!

Nikki Boxler

Female Hunter Nikki Boxler on an Archery Hunt
Nikki Boxler pauses to admire the sunset on a recent bow hunt. @nikkiboxler

You won't want to miss following Nikki this hunting season. From preparing for a hunt to serving wild game fresh off the smoker, she will walk you through the entire process. Nikki consistently provides great shooting tips, fitness routines, and recipe examples. Not to mention, she's caught more giant muskie than most of us will ever lay eyes on!

Hannah Baron

Hannah Baron shoulders a doe after a successful archery hunt.
Hannah Baron shoulders a doe after a successful archery hunt. @hannahbaron96

You may recognize Hannah as the girl with a monster catfish usually slung over her shoulder. While she's certainly an expert in noodling huge flatheads, she's no slouch in the deer woods either. Hannah is also an excellent wingshooter, and let's face it, she knows out to fill a freezer. Her profile is always showcasing her latest adventure, so be sure to tag along.

Cara Harper (Holland)

Cara Harper aims shotgun during upland hunt
Cara Harper takes aim during an upland hunt. Photo cred: @kvphotog

Birds would be wise to initiate a no-fly-zone anytime she walks out the front door, as Cara is a talented waterfowl and turkey hunter. She's also an avid bowhunter with a heart for conservation. Don't even think about wading into duck season without giving Cara a follow!

There's no doubt the industry is full of passionate women, all changing the future of hunting and conservation for the better. Be sure to tell us who we missed on our Facebook Page!


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4 Female Hunters You Need to Follow Now