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10 Female Hunters Who've Already Seen Success This Season

These 10 female hunters have already notched a tag this season.

You've likely heard of many of these excellent female hunters and a couple maybe not, but it stands to reason that they all deserve some congrats.

The bottom line is that women who hunt are an integral part of our heritage and should have the same light shined on them as the men, bar none.

Many women thrive within the hunting community, whether their upbringing catered to it or they found it later in life. Just like males, they sometimes start with smaller game that may include more frequent shooting, which can make for a more exciting experience and give them the impetus to continue. Not to mention, it's great practice.

But make no mistake, the girls have been teaching the boys a few lessons in recent years and it's beginning to become even more evident. There may have been a day when simply having some fun shooting and polishing their other hunting skills meant friendly competitions with their brothers or fathers. Those days are long gone as the ladies are now the ones taking the lead.

Now it is the women that have their own Facebook and Instagram hunting pages, TV hunting shows, and their own podcasts. They are the highlight of appearance lists at outdoor shows, and a full market segment of females has emerged in the apparel and gear industry.

Some would rather not be referred to as a "huntress," but in our eyes that's a complement. Women are ready to be determined by their own special hunting abilities as hunters.

Here's a list of familiar faces along with a few that are overdue for their fair share of the limelight.

Diane - Rabbit

Nikki Boxler

Nicole Rae-Lynn Cook

Posted by Nicole Rae-Lynn Cook on Sunday, May 17, 2020


Hannah Barron

Posted by Hannah Barron Outdoors on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sara Hunting Lover

Sara Hunting Lover's Grandmother

Jessica Taylor Byers

Posted by Followherarrow - Outdoors with Jessica Taylor Byers on Monday, August 31, 2020

Taylor Drury

Posted by Taylor Drury Land on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Every Female Hunter In This Picture

Karin and friends had themselves a day! 52 birds! Nice shooting ladies! Anyone else chasing some upland game today?

Posted by RAISED HUNTING on Saturday, October 10, 2020

Being part of a female hunting community means learning first-hand tips for developing your own strengths and finding better, more comfortable gear suited for women. If it's true that most females really appreciate the camaraderie of going afield with other female hunters, then the onset of the vast number of craft-driven, hunting related pages that have shown up in recent years created by women is no mystery.

As with any passion, it is usually passed on from generation to generation. For those with daughters, it's a resounding way to teach them about nature, and a way to help them understand the importance of good stewardship.

And it is something that any girl can do just as well as a boy.

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10 Female Hunters Who've Already Seen Success This Season