Books About Fishing, Hunting, Survival and More That Would Make Great Gifts

It's gift-giving season, and these books about the outdoors are great for wrapping and putting under the tree.

Anyone who has an affinity for the outdoors knows the value of a book. You can instantly escape to the wilderness, learn new skills, plan your next adventure, and entertain yourself during down time all within the pages of a good read.

We took it upon ourselves to seek out and suggest some of the best outdoor books you can get your hands on. Whether you're shopping for yourself or are finishing your holiday list, any of these titles would be well worth it.

Most of these are new, one of which was just released today (Dec. 1), but they're all highly recommended and ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors.

YETI Presents: Wild Sheep

Did you know YETI was in the book business? Based off of the success of their Tarpon book last year, this photography-filled, story-rich, and inspirational coffee table book is a can't-lose scenario. Even if the receiver isn't a diehard hunter, they're going to thoroughly enjoy the Wild Sheep Book.

Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas

Aaron Reed might not be on your radar as far as outdoor authors go, but his knowledge and experience with the subject matter of Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas might be unprecedented. Reed goes through everything needed to enjoy and find success within the area Wide Open Spaces just happens to call home, and that made including this book a no-brainer. It's tough to say anyone lives, breaths, and immerses themselves in the local fishing community more than Reed. This book has sparked a "Local Angler" series focusing on other locales in the Texas fishing scene, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

That Wild Country: An Epic Journey through the Past, Present, and Future of America's Public Lands

Mark Kenyon has long been a proponent of hunting (specifically on public land) and of conservation, and after joining up with The MeatEater crew has been able to really get his voice and message out there. The host of the Wired to Hunt podcast and Back 40 from MeatEater TV put pen to paper in this great read about the largest public-land trust in the world. You're an owner of it, in case you didn't know, and reading That Wild Country will motivate you to take advantage.

How to Think Like a Fish: And Other Lessons from a Lifetime in Angling

Jeremy Wade, host of River Monsters on Animal Planet, isn't your typical angler, but that doesn't mean a fisherman or woman wouldn't get a kick out of this read. As the description reads: "As Jeremy's catches attract increasing attention, many people ask him how they can improve their own fishing results. This book is his reply: part science, part art, and part elusive something else — which is within every angler's ability to develop." If you want something from Wade a little more relatable than the hard-to-reach adventures he usually embarks on, How to Think Like a Fish is it.

The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival

He's at it again... Steven Rinella hasn't slowed his output of fantastic content, whether it's through the new season of his MeatEater show on Netflix, new episodes of his long-running podcast, or this new encyclopedic collection of wilderness survival information. The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival deserves a spot on everyone's shelf.

Lords of the Fly: Madness, Obsession, and the Hunt for the World-Record Tarpon

New York Times bestseller Monte Burke spent time researching and interviewing the major players in what would become an epic quest for staking claim as the fisherman who caught the world-record tarpon on a fly rod, and the result is what I can only refer to as the best book I've read in years. This read is not for the faint of heart (or easily offended), but it tells a true fishing story that oftentimes seems even stranger than fiction.

Complete Wild Game Cookbook: 190+ Recipes for Hunters and Anglers

Bri Van Scotter has been honing her cooking skills for years, but it was her later-in-life transition into a hunter (explained in the video above) that opened her eyes to harvesting wild game for use in her exceptional recipes. From explaining how to smoke game meat low and slow to sharing refined recipes for things like whipped venison bone marrow appetizers, this cookbook is a great addition to anyone's kitchen.

Monsters of River & Rock: My Life As Iron Maiden's Compulsive Angler

This one has attracted some buzz from outside the angling world, mainly because the author is none other than Iron Maiden's lead guitarist Adrian Smith. His day job might be out of the ordinary, but the fishing stories will seem familiar for anyone who's spent as much time and energy searching for fish to catch as Smith has.