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Jeremy Wade Tangles With the Toothy and Aggressive Wolf Fish


This wolf fish was a real test for Jeremy Wade.

The Amazon River in South America is a bucket list spot for many anglers simply because of the bevy of unique freshwater fish species that can be caught there in a single trip. Fish like the peacock bass, the payara, the piraiba catfish, the arapaima, freshwater dorado, and the piranha are just some of the favorites.

One notable species of fish is the giant wolffish, or Hoplias aimara, as it is known by its scientific name. The wolf fish is found throughout Brazil, Columbia, French Guiana, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and more.

As the name implies, it has a ferocious reputation. Professional angler Jeremey Wade, of River Monsters fame, once targeted this species and found it quite the challenge. When he did finally tangle with one, it was a giant. See his battle with this South American predatory fish n the video below.


The giant wolf fish is often found in shallow water river basins and creeks where it likes to ambush invertebrates and small fish as its primary prey items. As you saw on this fishing trip, Jeremy was able to catch this wolf fish using cut baitfish. They also have a reputation for being voracious fighters, making them a primary angling target of many visiting fishermen and women. As you saw from the fight here, who wouldn't want to battle one of these toothy giants?

We did a little research into this fascinating fish species and found that the rod and reel world record is around 54 pounds, which is nothing to sneeze at. However, there are reports of wolf fish weighing more than 80 pounds and unconfirmed rumors about fish over 100 pounds swimming the rivers of South America.

Awesome catch Jeremy, and now we have added yet another species to our fishing bucket list for a hopeful trip to the Amazon someday.

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