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Bone Busting Comparison: Glass Arrowhead vs. Modern Broadhead

This comparison pits a hand-knapped glass arrowhead against a modern broadhead as they're shot into various animal scapulas in this bone busting field test.

We've shared videos showing the damage that stone arrowheads can do and even compared them to modern steel broadheads. They perform amazingly well, often just as good or better than their steel counterparts.

This video, however, compares a hand-knapped glass arrowhead to a modern steel broadhead and does so by shooting at various animal shoulder bones (scapula).

The archer has acquired three scapula from a butcher: one from a moose, one from an elk and one from a deer. He sets them up, lets the arrows fly and films the results.

Interestingly, the glass arrowhead seemed to leave at least as large and possibly a larger hole than the modern steel broadhead. The modern broadhead clearly had more cutting edges as it went through each scapula, but the arrowhead left a significant hole given its much thicker profile.

Other than that, there seemed to be little to no difference between the two points on the shoulder blades from any of the three animals. They both performed exceptionally.

The one area where there was a clear difference was in the effect that the bone had on each point after it was fired. The modern broadheads could be reused. The glass arrowheads, on the other hand, were obliterated. While both points did some serious bone busting, glass is definitely a single use or one time only substance.

I think this field test shows that hand-knapped arrowheads (stone or glass) can be just as deadly on big game animals as modern broadheads.

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