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Glass Arrowhead vs. Ballistic Vest: What Happens Might Surprise You

How will a ballistic vest designed to stop handgun loads do against a glass arrowhead. Probably not real well, but let's have some fun and find out anyway.

A glass arrowhead is fired at a ballistic vest specifically designed to stop handgun fire. Let's take a look at what kind of damage takes place.

The disclaimer on the vest indicates that "This armor is not intended to protect the wearer from rifle fire or sharp-edged or pointed instruments." So we already know that an arrow will likely penetrate it. But let's evaluate it anyway.

After firing the arrow at the dummy - a "bulletproof" vest covering a core of ballistic gel - it was pretty amazing how easily and smoothly the glass arrowhead and arrow penetrated. It went completely through the front Kevlar panel of the vest, through the interior ballistic gel, and through the back Kevlar panel of the vest.

The arrow stopped inside of the dummy body, but probably only because of the target backstop. If there had not been a target set up behind the dummy the arrow would likely have traveled completely through the entire body.

I have to say that even knowing that the vest wasn't designed to stop an arrow, the pass-through was surprising. I would have thought that it may have penetrated a little bit, but not as completely and easily as it did.

So, this test clearly demonstrates that a "bulletproof" vest offers no protection whatsoever from an arrow - and one tipped with a hand-knapped glass arrowhead at that! I wonder how the arrow would perform against a ballistic helmet. Perhaps that could be the next test.

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