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How Much Damage Will a Submachine Gun Do to a Ballistic Helmet?

ballistic helmet

They’re pitting a level IIIA ballistic helmet against a full magazine of .45 copper hollow points just to see how the helmet holds up. Take a look.

He’s got a gun that fires 9mm copper hollow point rounds, and a level IIIA tactical or ballistic helmet. This helmet is designed to stop a .44 magnum round, so it should be able to handle a 9mm round easily enough.

But what about a full magazine dump of 9mm rounds from a submachine gun? After all, this helmet is basically a resin composite. How will it hold up to multiple rounds repeatedly fired at it?

He duct tapes the helmet on the dummy, stands back, and fires several bursts into it. The helmet gets pretty well torn up, but it does actually stop almost all of the bullets from passing all the way through the helmet material.

That’s impressive.

Of course, with as many rounds as were fired into one spot on the helmet, you’d probably be in some serious trouble if this were a real under fire situation. There were so many hits that a human would surely have been toast.

But with just one or two rounds from a 9mm? It looks like the ballistic helmet would indeed offer plenty of protection.

This helmet is made by HighCom Security. According to their website,

HighCom “helmets are designed to be high performing while ensuring a lightweight solution for our customers.  Because our helmets are designed and manufactured using US Mil Spec standards and materials from leading companies like DuPont, Honeywell, and DSM, we are able to warranty and ensure a long life of consistent and reliable use for our customers deploying in all combat and tactical situations.”

This test appears to have borne that claim out.

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How Much Damage Will a Submachine Gun Do to a Ballistic Helmet?