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Traditional Archery Tips Pt. 2 - Controlling Your Shot

Traditional archery shooting doesn't have to be instinctive. You can aim your bow just like you do a compound bow. Here's how to control your shot.

Clay Hayes follows up on his first video on aiming your traditional archery bow. He actually does aim his shot, using the tip of his arrow as a sight reference.

Here he discusses how to control the process and bring it all together for consistent accuracy.

"If you have trouble stopping your shot at any moment during that shot sequence, and letting down, you don't have complete control over your shot," says Hayes. "And basically you have, maybe not full blown, but some symptoms of target panic."

Hayes recommends a practice that forces him to aim and forces him to gain control over every aspect of his shot. He goes through his entire shot sequence, achieving proper back tension, rotates his shoulder back, pushes his bow hand forward, and then aims - "Get on target and hold it there. Just like you would with a rifle." - just as though you were about to make the actual shot. Then, he lets down.

He releases tension on the bow and lets his arrow down without shooting. Practice this simple routine and you will see almost instant improvement. "If you can train yourself to do that," he declares, "I can almost guarantee that you'll see an improvement in your shooting almost immediately. It's amazing what that'll do for you."

It's important to go through every step of your shot sequence, and to aim deliberately, before letting down on your bow. "A lot of times it can be very difficult to make yourself 'let down', because you're conditioned to let go." Practice, practice, practice.

"Make no mistake about it, shooting a traditional bow is very much a mental game," Hayes says. "And you've got to learn to take control over every aspect of your shot."

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Traditional Archery Tips Pt. 2 - Controlling Your Shot