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Flint Knapping the Best Small Game Arrowheads [VIDEO]

Forget using archery blunts for small game. Knap your own small stone points and you'll take home more bushytails.

Primitive archers often use arrow blunts for hunting small game like squirrel or rabbit. But I'm going to agree with Billy Berger and declare that blunt arrow tips make for more lost game.

I gave up on blunt tips for small game many years ago. After switching to edged broadheads I immediately began taking more squirrels, rabbits and occasionally grouse.

I'm also new to flint knapping, but Berger's point (pun unintended) makes perfect sense to me, given my past experience with metal broadheads and blunts.

For a passionate small game archer but newbie flint knapper like me, this how-to video is solid gold.

My flint knapping practice efforts leave me with a lot of scrap flakes. Making use of those small pieces to build my skill level and create usable arrowheads is very appealing.

Billy Berger was featured on two Discovery Channel programs: I, Caveman and Naked and Afraid. He also operates an online primitive archery business called Primitive Pathways, where you can order materials and DVDs.

And Billy is right about another thing: "Squirrel hunting with bow and arrow is the most fun. It is an absolute blast!"

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Flint Knapping the Best Small Game Arrowheads [VIDEO]