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How to Select the Right Archery Broadhead for Bowhunting

Here’s the scoop on the pros and cons of your bowhunting broadhead choices.

MeatEater crew member and videographer Remi Warren discusses the upsides and downsides of the three main types of archery broadheads.

The broadhead is literally the point where you make direct contact with an animal. Choose the right broadhead for the game you’re hunting, the environment and your style of hunting.

The three main broadhead styles:

  1. Fixed blade broadheads: very durable, long lasting, require sharpening.
  2. Replaceable blade broadheads: allow for practice with the broadhead you hunt with, surgically sharp replaceable blades, less durable.
  3. Mechanical broadheads: open on impact, often have largest cutting diameter, fly like field points, not as durable.

I tend to favor fixed blade broadheads. I like the old school feeling of hand sharpening thicker, fixed blade heads. But I have also used replaceable blade broadheads and found the convenience of replacing super sharp blades an attractive feature.

What broadhead do you use to hunt with?

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How to Select the Right Archery Broadhead for Bowhunting