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5 Blind Huskies Found Abandoned on Side of Road in Fresno County

It looks like they were just dumped. How does this happen? If you have five blind dogs and that isn't something you can manage then call the humane society or there are so many local Husky rescue groups that would love to rescue them and help find a home.

People tend to sign up for more than they can handle, clearly. These dogs are blind! How are they supposed to even find water?

The Fresno Bee reported that five blind Husky puppies (they're barely a year old) were found on a hot, rural roadway in Fresno but are on the road to recovery and already appear to have an agency ready to adopt them, according to officials at Fresno Humane Animal Services.

These puppies survived the heat. All five are safe now.

Whoever did this clearly didn't care if they lived or died. They were intentionally dumped and the interviews in the CBS 47 News segment reinforce that this was a death sentence for these dogs.

This condition happens as a result of poor breeding.

Normally in Huskies, reports that when it comes to eye issues in this breed,

"The statistical report performed by veterinary ophthalmologist in 1999 showed that among the three foremost eye defects experienced by Huskies, hereditary cataracts have most numbers. About 1345 dogs of this breed have been examined and the report showed that 8% of it suffered from cataracts. This was followed by corneal dystrophy having 3% and PRA, which had below 1% case."

These sweet blind dogs will now have a second chance.

What would we do without rescue groups and organizations like the Fresno County Humane Animal Services?

The temperatures were in the triple-digit heat on top of their health issues. A rescue in the Bay Area is interested in taking them in thankfully. Imagine your best friend is blind, vulnerable and left on the side of a road. My dogs wouldn't have a chance. These beautiful dogs deserve loving families. If you're looking for a special needs dog, contact Fresno County Humane Services. The folks at all these animal shelters are my hero! If you have a tip, call the Fresno police.

How did these dogs survive? Please leave a comment below. 

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