Black Bear Cubs
YouTube: ViralHog

Rambunctious Black Bear Cubs Tussle Over Backyard Swing

Everyone loves a good swing!

With spring finally in full swing, the bears are out and active after their long winter's nap. This is also the season for seeing young bear cubs, who are giving their moms more trouble than they can handle. The young bruins are extremely mischievous and playful with their siblings as today's video clearly illustrates.

These three young black bears have just discovered a child's swing in a North Carolina backyard. Amazingly, they figure out that it is fun to climb on and ride it!

What happens next is a hilarious and adorable series of events as the bears play fight and tussle over who gets to ride on the swing next.

At the end of a long week, this video could put a smile on the face of anyone. It seems that kids are the same no matter what species they are. This was probably the most heartwarming video we have seen all week with these little guys wrestling over who go to use the swing next. Meanwhile, mom just kind of sits nearby, seemingly sighing in exhaustion at the energy being exhibited by her brood.

According to the video's description, the swing had been in place for only a week before the bears discovered it. Judging from all the fun they were having we would not be surprised if they were to return for more fun.

This spring has seemed to bring more viral videos of bears than normal. We have already been treated to videos of a bear enjoying a hot tub, one taking out a feral hog, and another bear cub video where an exhausted sow tries to get four cubs across a busy road. Well, it was a long winter. It seems the bruins are out enjoying the beautiful spring weather just as much as humans are!

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