YouTube/Old Skull Outdoors

Black Bear Brutalizes Feral Hog on Roadside in Front of Gawking Motorists

This 10-minute clip proves the power and tenacity of a black bear as well as the toughness of a wild boar.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is home to a lot of wild animals, and sometimes different species come into contact with a less-than-friendly encounter.

"Less-than-friendly" isn't exactly how we'd describe this interaction. More like "brutal."

A passerby on the roadway stopped to film a black bear attacking a wild hog and attempting to drag it uphill. The hog wasn't about to give up easily, and the black bear's determination was equally as tenacious.

And it's not like this was way out in the backcountry. It appears to be right next to a well-developed road, likely not far from the well-populated town of Gatlinburg.

The video was then uploaded to the Old Skull Outdoors YouTube channel for all of us to see. All of us, that is, who can manage 10-plus minutes of excruciating wild hog sounds and black bear growls.

Now, feral hogs are almost never natural food sources for black bears in North America, especially considering they're an invasive species to begin with. But from Florida to Texas, and from Colorado to Tennessee, feral hogs are becoming more and more common.

Black bear attacks like this aren't all that frequent either, especially sightings like this that get captured on film. Black bears are omnivores but adult males and female can obviously handle larger animals than most would assume. It isn't all fish and rodents that they're eating throughout the year.

An avid hunter of feral hogs knows they're a resilient creature. Anyone in the Southeast United States would agree that they rarely feel sorry for one.

But after watching this video, you might feel a little sympathy for the hog.

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