Bear Chases Mountain Bikerr
Instagram Screenshot: montanaknifecompany

Black Bear Filmed Chasing Mountain Biker Down Montana Mountain

Black bears are faster than you think downhill.

People always forget just how fast bears can run. However, a recent video out of Montana is helping to put that speed into perspective a little bit. A short clip uploaded to Instagram by the Montana Knife Company that appears to show a black bear galloping down a mountain in pursuit of a downhill mountain biker.

This footage was allegedly shot in Whitefish, Montana. It is unclear if the biker is aware of the black bear that is hot on his heels through this encounter. Either way, it makes for an impressive sight to see this bruin running downhill as fast as a bike.

The footage cuts off just as the biker and bear disappear out of sight over a ridge. Whatever you do, do not fall in this scenario!

There were not a whole lot of other details to go with this video. The knife company's caption simply reads: "A quick reminder that Montana is not Disney Land... Black bear chasing a downhill mountain biker in Whitefish, MT."

This video should serve as a good reminder for those who wonder if they could out-run an attacking bear. The answer is that no, you cannot. The good news is, there are no reports of a black bear attack in this part of Montana, so the biker should be fine.

At first, we were a little confused as to how this footage was taken. The movements are a little too awkward for a drone. After a little research, it appears there is a scenic gondola and chair lift to the top of at least one resort. It is our suspicion that is where the footage was taken. There even appears to be a little glare from the glass of the gondola in the video. Imagine just taking a scenic ride up a lift like that, looking down and seeing a bear chasing someone!

As we have seen in recent weeks, sightings of bears across the country are starting to pick up. With spring finally here the bears are starting to wake up and become active. Many of them have used up their fat reserves over the long winter and are now starting to look for something to eat. We just hope that humans are not on the menu!

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