YouTube: Josh Heiner

Dozens of Gullible Yellowstone Tourists Fall For Phony Bear Prank

A gorilla suit plus gullible tourists equals instant traffic jam. 

If you've ever driven through Yellowstone or any National Park where wildlife is the main attraction, you know how the drill goes. If you see cars stopped, and a crowd of people on the roadside, it usually means there is some sort of animal there. Personally, I will never forget the time I drove into Hayden Valley only to see a traffic jam and 150+ people standing in a field watching a grizzly up in the hills.

It turns out that the tourists who travel to Yellowstone are extremely gullible, and not all that familiar with wildlife. As today's video aptly illustrates.

These guys were apparently really bored, so they took a gorilla suit and headed into Yellowstone just to see how many tourists they could prank. The results are predictable and hilarious.

That was just as easy as we expected it would be. The funniest part was probably the first guy who stopped and tried to drop a bunch of "bear knowledge" on these guys like he was an expert on the subject was just the icing on the cake. This went from just a few cars to nearly 50 in only a matter of minutes.

This is a mean prank, but still pretty funny. What amazes me is how some of these tourists, even with binoculars and telephoto lenses, can't tell there's something not quite right about this "bear."

Then again, maybe it shouldn't be so surprising considering this is the place where tourists have tried to pet the bison or rescue them because they think they're cold. People really are clueless about wildlife aren't they?

So if you go to Yellowstone this summer, beware the bored locals. You don't want to end up in someone's prank video!

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